I had the great pleasure of going to see Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) in Birmingham with friend on Birmingham. Only got the ticket on Sunday so an unexpected live event to go to.

I have wanted to see Passenger for a while now and he did’nt disappoint.

One guy, one guitars. Simple and amazing.

I have loved listening to his ‘Little Lights’ Album for a long time now.

Damn I enjoyed seeing him live. I have many of his live albums, his singing is no different live or recorded.

Everyone who likes this kind of music should try and see him. You won’t regret it.

He tells some great thought provoking storied before he sings some of his songs too.

Seriously, if you get the change go and see him! :)

My favourite songs are:

I Hate – (My boys know every word to this song) :)

All The Little Lights (The lyrics in this song are great. I play this when I’m in reflective mood)

Riding To New York

(This is the song he told the story about. When he met a biker at 3am in the USA, while he was going to get cigarettes. The biker had lung cancer and was riding across the US on a motor bike to go and spend his final months with his family in New York. Amazing story)

Holes – (Damn I Love This Song)

Until Next Time!

Marky :)