Everyone knows at least one person suffering with depression

Everyone knows at least one person who battled depression but lost

Everyone knows at least one person who defeated depression and came out stronger

Whether you watched their fight with mental illness from afar or close, you witnessed its stronghold on the person and its negative effects on them. If you are one out of the few people who conquered their mental illness, you saw depression up close.

How can you fight and defeat mental illness in the UK and over the world?

By getting involved with your local mental health charities through Music is Life, you can join others in this continuing and never-ending battle with depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental illness. You can donate to a mental health charity of your choice.

You can volunteer with us and help us spread mental health awareness among people. You can register with our online website as a listener or artist. Or you can just simply make a donation. No donation is too small. Every penny helps us come one-step nearer to our goal, to conquer mental illness.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Involved!