17 People A DAY! 17 People a day in the UK take their own lives.

17 People A DAY! 17 People a day in the UK take their own lives. This is fucked up and needs to change. We need to help each other I personally have been close to the edge during my battle with the hell that is depression back in Feb 2017 and music saved and [...]

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Music Therapy for Health and Wellness

Being a pharmacist, you may think I would always suggest a bottle of something for what ails you. However, first and foremost, I believe in the “do no harm” motto when it comes to healthcare. To me, that means to first try the least invasive route to feeling your best as possible, like a [...]

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Ed Sheeran joins the bill for first ever Music 4 Mental Health fundraising gig.

Ed Sheeran is hoping to raise more awareness for mental health and raise funds for vital organisations and services at the inaugural Music 4 Mental Health gig. The Thinking Out Loud singer has joined the bill for Music 4 Mental Health, a star-studded fundraiser organised by #IAMWHOLE. Read more About It here https://metro.co.uk/2018/09/05/ed-sheeran-joins-the-bill-for-first-ever-music-4-mental-health-fundraising-gig-7916437/ [...]

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