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Want To Own A Piece Of Music History?

As someone who has been to Rocky City in Nottingham many many times, this is amazing. I went to the best concert of my life there in 2016 (Frank Turners 2000th show) I've seen some great bands there and experienced some amazing music there with my two boys.  I think its the best music [...]

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17 People A DAY! 17 People a day in the UK take their own lives.

17 People A DAY! 17 People a day in the UK take their own lives. This is fucked up and needs to change. We need to help each other I personally have been close to the edge during my battle with the hell that is depression back in Feb 2017 and music saved and [...]

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Music Therapy for Health and Wellness

Being a pharmacist, you may think I would always suggest a bottle of something for what ails you. However, first and foremost, I believe in the “do no harm” motto when it comes to healthcare. To me, that means to first try the least invasive route to feeling your best as possible, like a [...]

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