Music is Life is a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom and founded by Mark Lyford. We aim to spread awareness about mental health through music. We strongly believe that music is a powerful healer that can help people suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts see a way out of the darkness that has enveloped them.

“We may not be able to eradicate mental illness from the United Kingdom and around the world, but we can hope to influence people in a positive manner by exposing them to music. Even if we save just one life and become a source of happiness for just one person, we’ll have fulfilled our mission.”

To fulfil our mission to impact as many people as possible, we have established an online platform where you can share music you love that matters to you and experience other genres of music from other people. With music as your guide, no one ever has to feel alone, as there will always be someone there for you.

However, our mission doesn’t stop here, but it begins here. We will donate all the profits we accumulate, from the annual Music is Life festival we plan to host together with many more exciting fundraising plans we have, to mental health charities in the UK.

“Two of the primary mental health charities we will donate to are Mind and Samaritans. We will also donate to charities fighting homelessness, as depressive and suicidal thoughts and behaviour are also widespread among the homeless in the UK.”

As our organisation grows from strength to strength, we envision our platform to serve as a musical remedy and escape for people going through a tough phase in their life. We have also set our sights on getting big names in the music industry to help us further our mission to spread awareness about mental health through the power of music.