1 in 6 experience mental health issues— depression or anxiety — in the United Kingdom

One death occurs due to suicide in the United Kingdom every two hours

How Tuning into Music Can Help People Suffering from Mental Health Issues?

  • Decreases stress, depression, and/or anxiety
  • Acts as a coping mechanism and speeds up recovery
  • Develops focus and productivity
  • Boosts confidence and feelings of self-worth
  • Alleviates one’s emotional well-being
  • Facilitates positive changes from within

Music has a transformative effect on the individual. When you listen to music, you form a connection to the words and tune. The lyrics describe your situation and reflect your feelings as if the artist is telling your story through his/her story.

Close your eyes. Tune out the world around you. Music transports you into another world. It tells a story.  It speaks to you on a deeper level, and gradually, it lifts you up and defeats the demons holding you down. You open your eyes and see the sun smiling down at you. With music, life doesn’t end. It begins.

For me, music is a Form of Free Therapy. It Heals Your Wounds. Takes Your Hands, and Helps You Move On

Music Is Life is Your Source of Music

If you are dealing with depression and anxiety, I want to empower you through music. I want to introduce you to the healing powers of music. For those who love music and use it as an escape, this platform is for you. Browse our large library of music to find an artist whose music heals you. 

If you are an artist, join our mission to bring music to mental health sufferers by releasing your music on our platform. Your music can save a life! Use us as the bridge that connects your music to them.

Through the Donations, Events, Artists, and Profits, We Will Make a Difference in Someone Else’s Life

Mark Lyford

Founder Of Music is Life